Online monitoring system of smart breeding industry

Smart breeding environment online monitoring can realize automatic adjustment and control of parameters such as temperature, humidity, and harmful gas concentration,it help creating a comfortable and healthy growth environment for animals, so as to achieve better economic benefits.

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Solution Introduction

Ⅰ. Background of the breeding industry

Traditional animal husbandry lacks effective management methods, frequent diseases and complicated labor between multiple farms and sheds have become an important obstacle restricting the further development of the animal husbandry industry, bringing a great burden to management personnel. Not only that, it also requires a lot of energy and time cost, not only the cycle is long, but also the problem of low efficiency and low output.

The online monitoring of smart breeding environment was born to solve the problems of long breeding cycle, low efficiency and low output of traditional animal husbandry.

Ⅱ. Overview of Smart breeding environment monitoring system

On-line monitoring of the Smart Breeding Environment of Meike Shengshi can realize automatic adjustment and control of parameters such as temperature, humidity, harmful gas concentration, etc., while providing manual control support, through the perfect combination of manual and automatic, achieve ideal control, and create comfort for animals , Healthy growth and living environment, to achieve better economic benefits. The system software has the characteristics of friendly man-machine interface and visualized results.

System function

1. Provide real-time alarm function.

When any of the monitored parameters reaches the alarm condition, The monitoring software will provide sound and corresponding value flashing alarms, and alarm prompts for related managers.

2. Provide real-time temperature and humidity, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide concentration of each monitoring point.

3. Provide historical data query function: Support data query for any period in the past, the historical data could be event basis for some emergencies.

Ⅲ. Smart breeding environment monitoring equipment

The monitoring equipment contains various kinds of gas detectors used in the field of farms, such as electrochemical oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, organic volatile sensor and infrared CO2 sensor, which have the characteristics of high sensitivity, good linearity, good stability, good shock resistance and strong anti-interference ability.

1. Sensor module and complete machine

The temperature and humidity sensor, ammonia gas sensor, and hydrogen sulfide sensor are installed in the breeding plant to collect the effects of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity in the breeding environment online in real time.

2. Online monitoring system

The environmental monitoring terminal refers to the temperature and humidity transmitter, ammonia transmitter, carbon dioxide transmitter and other equipment installed in the pig house. These equipment have built-in high-precision sensors that can monitor the temperature, humidity, and harmful gas concentration in the pig house Automatic real-time monitoring and upload data.

The smart breeding system monitors the real-time values ​​of temperature, humidity, oxygen, and harmful gases in the farms 24 hours a day, and updates real-time monitoring data quickly and conveniently. It can make the entire system safe, reliable, accurate, real-time, comprehensive, fast, and efficient. The real breeding environment information is displayed in front of the management staff.

Ⅳ. application industries and scenarios

Smart breeding environment online monitoring system has high data collection accuracy and strong transmission stability, no wiring or reduction of wiring, easy construction, convenient debugging, low construction and maintenance costs, very suitable for livestock (cattle, pig, sheep, horse), poultry (Pigeons, birds, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, dogs) and other farms' environmental monitoring.

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