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MK-Z8000 Gas alarm control panel


LCD display

support 4-20mA or RS485 signal

Uploading software optional

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Product Description

This gas alarm controller can be connected with 16-32 channel gas detectors to test different types of gas concentrations. It has  functions, such as with the standard Modbus RTU protocol, or connected to a PC for data uploading and printing. It has a liquid crystal display, which can set parameters such as time settings, channel name and address settings, view alarm records, etc.

Main Features

1) 16 to 32 channels can be connected
2) LCD English display directly displays the 4/14 channel gas concentration on the screen.
3) Input signal: 4-20mA or rs485.
4) Online setting: You can set the transmitter parameters, calibrate and zero.
5) Real name input: You can enter the installation address, number, and letters of the device.
6) Optional function: Standard Mod Bus RTU protocol, can be connected with PC.
7) Optional function: 8 replies can be added.

Dimension 460mmmm*300mmmm*1350mmmm
Weight about 7 kg
Operating Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Output voltage DC24V
Number of channels Analog signal can support 16 or 32 channels
Digital signal can support up to 255 channels
Dispiay Can display 4 channels or 14 channels at a time
Signal input (420 mA) signal input or RS485 signal input
Optional features Communication interface: (optional) 1 channel RS232 and RS485 digital bus interface,
Standard ModBus RTU protocol, can be connected to a computer for data uploading
Alarm method The first alarm exceeds 90 dB
Second alarm exceeds 120 dB
Control output With 8 relays and 1 common relay (optional)
Connection method 4-20mA signal is three wire, RS485 signal is 4-wire
Working temperature -10C~50C
Working humidity 15% ~ 70% (RH) non-condensing

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