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MK-200 Oil Smoke Monitor


Compound integrated sensor module

Timely transmission of wireless signals

Access to the oil fume online monitoring cloud platform

Oil fume online monitoring device mainly composed of the oil fume sample probe and controller host, which is connected together through a sample probe cable.

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Product Description

MK-200 oil fume online monitor is a set of oil fume pollution monitoring equipment developed based on the characteristics of cooking fume pollution, combined with the experience of cooking fume pollution control, operation and maintenance and management. MK-200 oil fume can continuously detect the concentration of oil fume and non-methane total hydrocarbon concentration, odor concentration (odor) and other indicators, and through wireless signals (2G/4G/NB) to instantly upload the data to the oil fume online monitoring cloud platform, which can be used for continuous monitoring and supervision of oil fume emission for environmental protection department, urban management, universities, hotels, restaurants and other government departments and companies.

Technical Parameters:

Item Specification
  Product Item MK-200
Detection Gas Concentration of oily fume, non-methane total hydrocarbons, and odor produced during cooking and processing
Detection Principle Compound integrated sensor module
Detection Mode Embedded pipeline inspection
Installation Mode Flange installation
Communication Mode 2G/4G/NB
Oil & Smoke Detection Range 0-20mg/m3
Particle Detection Range 0-20mg/m3
Non-methane total hydrocarbon measurement range 0-20mg/m3
Odor Concentration Detection Range 0-50mg/m3
Sampled Gas Temp. -20°C~ 80°C
Working Temp. -20°C~ 60°C
Power Consumption <= 10W
Power Supply AC: 100~240V

Main technical specifications:

A>Oil fume sample probe   About 30 cm length

B>Sample probe cable     About 3 meters length

C>Oil fume online monitoring control host  Height 30.2cm, Width 22.3cm, Thickness: 5.5cm

Note: Product dimension measured by manually, which there some margins.

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