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MK-6160 Portable 6 in 1 Gas Detector


Free combination of any 6 gases

High accuracy and high quality sensor

Data record/ data communication/ data download

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Product Description

MK-6160 is a portable multi gas detector that can be used to detect up to 6 gases at the same time. Multiple types of sensors could be put into the devices such as catalytic sensor, electrochemical sensor, infrared sensor, etc. Its sampling method is by natural diffusion, additionally, a compatible sampling pump could be connected with the device for better performance in certain special sites. Alarm events could be recorded in the device, you can view the alarm record, or connect with PC to download the data through our designed standard software.

Main Features
Up to 6 gases could be detected at the same time
LCD display real-time gas readings with time and date
High quality imported sensor
Available for 3,000 pieces alarm record
Data download to PC
High strength special engineering plastic housing, durable and exquisite

Product Specification

Detectable gas list

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