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MK-620 Portable Gas Leak Detector


Automatic switch for display unit

Alarm sound changes with the amount of leakage

IP65, splash-proof and dust-proof

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Product Description

The MK-620 portable combustible gas leak detector comes with a winding detection tube and a front sensor. It is especially suitable for the measurement of gas pipeline flange interfaces or other typical leak-prone parts. The products are widely used in the back kitchen of restaurants, metallurgical workshops, and chemical industries. Factory buildings, liquefied gas stations, gas stations, etc.

Main Features

*Small size, easy to carry
*Wide detection range, from 10ppm to 1%vol, the display unit is automatically switched
*Rechargeable lithium ion battery, long working time
*The sound changes with the size of the leakage, prompting the inspector of the leakage
*IP protection grade IP65, splash water and dustproof;

Product Specification

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