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MK-3001 Wall mounted detector


Various output signals, wired/wireless

Display screen optional

Compatible with cloud platform

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Product Description

This product is with plastic housing but can be integrated with various kinds of sensors, such as temperature, humidity, combustible gases, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. It can be used in harsh environments such as industrial plants/ traffic tunnels/ energy power plants/ car parking lot/ coal mine roadways/ gas drainage and other industrial  and agricultural environments (pollution emission monitoring, fruit tree gardens, farms, greenhouses, flower breeding, laboratories, etc.) 

Main Features

High sensivity wall-mounted
Various output signals, wired or wireless
High-density material shell
IP65 rating, Water proof and dust proof
Compatible with cloud platform
Available for different types of sensors

Technical Specification

Available Sensor type Catalytic Electrochemical. semi-conductor, infrared. PID
Power Supply 12-24VDC 1A
Output signal RS485 4-20mA 0-5V10-10V L NB-IOT L GPRS 4G LORA 5G
ingress protection level IP65
Working temperature  -20~40"C/No condensation
Working humidity  15~95%RH
Environment pressure Standard Pressure #10%
Product dimension  110*85*44mm
 Outer appearance Different color available for customize

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