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MK-417 CH4 and CO Gas Alarm


Detect CH4 & CO, 2 in 1 alarm

Separate audible alert for each gas

End of life display

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Product Description

The MK-417 household gas detector is the latest product developed for detecting methane and carbon monoxide at the same time.  It is a high-sensitivity gas concentration detection device for real-time detection of indoor methane and carbon monoxide gas leakage. The detector adopts sound and light and visual alarm methods. When alarm occurs, it will give out sound and indication light and also there is written alarm indication showed in the display screen. It is available for customers to do customization according to different requirement, such as voice, relay output, alarm setup level, signal output, wireless communication, etc.

Main Features

Separate audible alert for each gas
Written warning display
Backup battery
Data logger to record gas leak incidents
Time and date recording
End of life display

Technical Specification

Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
Detect gas ch4 and co
Range CO 0-500PPM,CH4 0-100%LEL
Sampling method natural diffusion
Sensor type semiconductor and electrochemical sensor
Alarm setup level CH4 @10%LEL,CO @150PPM
Working environment indoor temperature 0℃~55℃
relative humidity <95% RH
response time < 30S
recovery time < 30S
alarm method sound,light and visual alarm
alarm sound > 85dB (1 meter straight front)
service life  5 years
power consumption < 3w
output relay 12V(optional)
Dimension 120mm*75mm*30mm
net weight about 260g


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