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MK-412 Combustible Gas Alarm


High-quality catalytic sensor

Digital display, sound, light and voice alarm

NB-IOT/LoRa wireless communication available

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Product Description

The MK-412 household Combustible gas detector is the latest product developed by our company, which adopts high-quality catalytic sensors, combining advanced electronic technology and excellent production craft, and fusing advanced science and technology. This product has the advantages of stable operation and long service life, etc. It is a high-sensitivity gas concentration detection device for real-time detection of indoor methane gas leakage, and it is an essential product for household safety and precautions.

The detector adopts sound and light and voice alarm methods. When alarm occurs, it will give out sound and light and voice prompts to remind you to take effective measures to avoid fire, explosion, poisoning and other occurrence of malignant incidents, to protect your life and property.

With this product, we also provide OEM/ODM services.

Item Specification
Product dimension 120mmx75mmx34.6mm
Power supply AC220V / 50Hz
Applicable gas Methane (CH4) or Propane (LPG) optional
Sampling method Natural diffusion
Sensor type Catalytic sensor
Range 20%LEL (can be customized)
Alarm set value 10%LEL (can be customized)
Working condition Temperature: 0℃ ~55℃
Humidity: 0 ~95%RH (no dews)
Response time <30s
Resume automatically <30s
Alarm mode Sound, light and voice alarm
Alarm volume ≧ 85dB (1 meter right ahead)
Service life 3 years
Power consumption <3W
Optional function 220V relay, 9V relay, relay output NO or NC
Net weight about 190g

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