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MK-1600P Greenhouse CO2 controller


Real-time readings of CO2, temperature and humidity

Controls start-up and shutdown of CO2 regulator and ventilation fan

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Product Description

CO2 Controller can be used for Grow Room, Greenhouse, Glass House, Plants Factory, Mushroom / Paprika / Strawberry / Tomato Farming Cold Storage.

It's an air quality monitor and controller that CO2 controller

1. shows real-time readings of CO2, temperature and humidity

2. controls start-up and shutdown of CO2 regulator to supply the plants with just needed dose of carbon dioxide

3. controls start-up and shutdown of ventilation fan when CO2 concentration is higher or lower than the setpoint.


1. Super large LCD to monitor CO2 concentration, time&date simultaneously

2. Three-level indoor quality indicating system Good, Normal, Poor CO2 air quality monitor

3. High-end touch buttons CO2 air quality monitor  CO2 air quality monitor

4. NDIR sensor for CO2 monitoring CO2 air quality monitor

5. OEM and ODM are welcomed

Technic Specification

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